5 things preventing your website traffic


With mushrooming of more and more number of smartphone users, there is a definite increase in the website review. The major players of the E commerce are well aware about the need for their innovative online presence among the users. But to get the attention from the users, there comes the need for designing a website and promotion works, handling Digital Marketing and tons of other important things which you can not miss out.


Need to follow up with the website

One of the prime mistakes that lead to the failure of the website would be not following up with the website content in a step by step procedure. As soon as the website is ready, visitors are bound to flow in but the main task is to hold their attention enough so that they can also feel the importance how the visitors are receiving help from our services. There has to be a mutual exchange, and to do that the data and content needs to have a human tone and touch.

With time and smart Digital platform is progressing at a pace that one cannot imagine. The traffic for the website and a complete analysis is done and it is the task of a data miner. Hiring the expert data miner along with team of website developer can help you to bring success for your website traffic.

Once you have the team for designing the website, now focus on 5 things which prevent website traffic.

  • Avoid Adding unnecessary text – But let me clear the confusion unnecessary text does not mean presence of information in abundance. If you are sharing accurate and specific information without adding photographs, not following a pattern to present the article, not having enough pages for the customer to search further, then you is definitely in a trouble. Visitors are bound to lose interest and it will hurt your website traffic surely.
  • Organizing the pages effectively – In order to make the website presentable and easy for the visitors, one need to make it user friendly and it must be accessible so that different pages can be browsed. In case, the pages are not available for the visitors in an orderly manner then you once again lose the chance to generate website traffic. Make sure you provide the links and several pages all well organized for the visitors which can be accessed in no time. Organizing the website materials will not only allow visitors but also it will help you stay in the radar for the search engine and it is of utmost importance to have a social presence when you are in the Ecommerce business.
  • Lacking true content and personality of a website – If you pay attention while surfing through various website, you are bound to find that information’s and just slapped and made to fit into a list with details. Think about one second, what if the write up was done more genuinely in a dedicated, skilled writing sense to give the website a human touch to connect with more visitors. Sharing testimonials and highlighting success stories also helps you to catch attention for a while. But a stagnant website with minimum contents lacking true content will definitely put you in a risky position for you website traffic.
  • Mention clearly about contact information- A customer who may need to talk or get in touch with you, for them, a concrete address link and “Contact Us” section should be designed to help them instantly. In many cases, a prospect goes for a scavenger hunt to find details about the company. Keeping thing transparent will help you to increase website traffic.
  • Not having an Instant Chat help – This is one of the fastest growing means to connect with a prospect customer browsing through any website or e commerce sites. Serving them will specific set of query and based on the requirement, instant chat help will yield greater website traffic.



  With mushrooming of more and more number of smartphone users, there is a definite increase in the website review. The major players of the E commerce are well aware ...
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