5 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing yourself on YouTube, there is really only one golden rule you need to know—and yet, it’s the most difficult one for everyone to execute.

Volume. Wins. Ask any full-time YouTuber, social celebrity, successful vlogger, or brand on YouTube and they will tell you that their viewership rose as soon as they started increasing their volume. Now, there is a tipping point, and you can’t simply be publishing rubbish content and expect it to perform well. The perfect intersection is quality content but published on an extremely regular basis—but it’s the regularity that often gets glossed over.

Volume is the short answer. Here are five things you can do to drastically improve your YouTube marketing strategy.

1. Create videos based on a single topic / keyword

While it sounds obvious, you’d be surprised how many people completely ignore this basic principle. Similar to a blog post, when you’re planning your video, you need to identify the keywords that you want to target. The reason why it’s important to pick a keyword before you create your video is because it allows you to better plan your content. You can search your keyword in YouTube to see what kinds of videos are ranking highly, and what makes them stand out. The other reason why you need to pick your keyword before recording the video is so you can incorporate it in your video script. Having your keyword repeated multiple times in your audio script helps your ranking on YouTube search

2. Create A Content Cadence

As mentioned above, consistency is the hardest part—especially when it comes to posting quality video content, since video is an investment. When it comes to YouTube, especially if you want to treat it as a marketing channel, it has to be all or nothing.The best advice for creating a content cadence is to set the tone from the beginning and let your audience know what to expect. Make your introduction video an introduction to what sort of content you will be publishing, and how often—and then whatever cadence you set for yourself, make sure you follow through. Don’t promise to post videos every day and then end up posting once per month.

3. Optimize your title and description

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. If you want to have your videos rank highly, you need to properly optimize your video title and description. Your title needs to be catchy, but it also needs to contain the keywords that you want to rank for. Often, people don’t do a good enough job in writing their description. You need to treat your video description like a summary blog post that you would write if you were to embed this video on your site. Writing an outline or transcript of your video content in the description of the video can go a long way in helping boost your video’s rankings. Last but not least, make sure that you’re adding relevant tags to each of your videos.

4. Add Subtitles To Your Videos

One of the newest (and best!) tools that behemoths Facebook and YouTube have integrated into their video uploading capabilities is the ability to add subtitles.  When it comes to YouTube marketing, you want as many people as possible to watch your content—and removing one of the biggest barriers of entry (sound) by providing a secondary option is a big win.

5. Leverage YouTube cards to boost engagement and reduce abandonment

YouTube rewards channels that have longer average watch times, which makes sense, because the longer someone stays on your channel, the longer they’re staying on YouTube (and the more ad revenue YouTube can earn from that user). In your YouTube video analytics, you’ll see the exact point where users tend to abandon your video. Use YouTube cards to add recommended videos at the exact point where users are leaving. This allows users to potentially check out your other videos and stay on your channel.

When it comes to marketing yourself on YouTube, there is really only one golden rule you need to know—and yet, it’s the most difficult one for everyone to execute. Volume. ...
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