Prince 2 or PMP : The management certificate suitable for you

If you’re in the project management field, you’ve most probably wondered about what steps you need to take to get certified to advance your career. Both the Product Management Professional (PMP) and PRINCE2 certifications are highly reputed in the field and can validate for employers your understanding of key project management concepts and how to apply them throughout the project management lifecycle.

PMP is a trademark certification issued by PMI org and is a world-renowned project management certification that can be practised across domains, industries, and geographies.

  1. PMP stands for Project Management Professional and PMI stands for Project Management Institute
  2. PMP is based upon the PMBOK, which is a Standard, NOT a methodology. It contains a truck load of processes and ‘generally accepted’ techniques of project management by which to evaluate or complete the way you run your projects or the methodology you use. It is therefore more theoretical, a reference
  3. It gives tools and techniques for different situations and phases of project and it gives freedom to the project manager to decide which one to use in a particular situation depending upon the circumstances, history and future aspects
  4. PMP places onus on Integrity, Professionalism, Ethics, Communication, and transparency.



  • Prince2on the other hand is a methodology, with a detailed process model and templates. It gives a step by step guidance on how to organize and run a project. It is more practical than the PMBOK. It still needs to be tailored to your needs but it is more a manual than a reference guide. It focuses on just a limited set of techniques.
  • It also can be utilized for any type of project in the world
  • It clearly lays out the roles and responsibilities of the team members in the project members
  • The project is clearly divided into smaller manageable groups and has well laid out processes to be followed by the project manager
  • It has 3 levels of certification: Foundation, Practitioner, and Professional
  • Practical, to-do format, clear-cut items to be assigned, tracked and delivered are laid out in this AXELOS owned world famous certification.


Points of Difference


  1. PMP believes that project manager is an enabler whereas Prince2 visualizes project manager as an enforcer.
  2. PMP needs to be renewed every 3 years through contribution to the field of project management by sharing your knowledge and learning on your own; whereas Prince2 relies on making you appear for examination every 3-5 years.


PMP Edge


  • Better Salary Prospects:Certified PMP professionals get larger and more frequent pay raises than their non-certified peers.
  • Networking Opportunities: To obtain a PMP certification, it is recommended that you become a member of PMI. Once you are a member, you have access to a vast network of professionals with similar qualifications. These contacts can prove crucial in helping you land a project management job.
  • Better Employment Prospects:As the world’s most popular project management certification, the PMP credential is recognized and trusted by employers worldwide.



  • Exhaustive Body of Knowledge: The PRINCE2 body of knowledge equips credential-holders with the tools to analyze a project from all angles, ensuring its viability before it is initiated. Factors like user requirements and potential risks are taken into consideration, ensuring that a project that is bound to encounter hurdles is addressed in the planning stages.
  • Well Laid-out Methodology:A lot of time and resources are saved during the completion of a unique project since the certification has a clearly laid out methodology.
  • Standardization:Confusion in project execution is eliminated since the same, standard approach is used throughout, with common filing systems, procedures and documents.

Which certification is suitable for you – PMP or Prince 2?

We are clear by now, that both certifications are good, both of them are world renowned and both of them can lead to Project success. So which one should you go for? That was the initial question, isn’t it?

Well, the answer is very simple and it is not related to the technical superiority of the course material for either of them. It is dependent on facts like:

  1. Where you live and work
  2. Where your clients are situated
  3. The kind of work routine that suits you







If you're in the project management field, you’ve most probably wondered about what steps you need to take to get certified to advance your career. Both the Product Management ...
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