CertBuddyz Cloudera Certified Associate Administrator (CCA-131) Certification Online Course helps Professionals to prepare themselves for the actual certification exam.

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 365 days



CertBuddyz Cloudera Certified Associate Administrator (CCA-131) Certification Online Course helps Professionals to prepare themselves for the actual certification exam. You need to go through all the training videos & appear in all the practice tests to get fully prepared for the exam. This will make you confident for the exam, and thus you will be able to pass the exam in the first attempt.


What’s Inside

  • 6 hrs 48 mins minutes Training Videos for all exam objectives (100% syllabus covered)
  • Unlimited Access

What is CCA Administrator (CCA-131) Certification?

CCA Administrator Certification is an accreditation that validates one’s cluster administrator and core systems related skills. This certification demonstrates these skills in a manner as required by the organizations and companies deploying Cloudera in the enterprise.

CCA Administrator certification exam is a hands-on, practical exam based on Cloudera technologies. It is a remote-proctored exam that can be taken anytime from anywhere.

Note that Cloudera Certified Associate Administrator (CCA-131) certification is the replacement of the old Cloudera Certified Apache Hadoop Administrator (CCA-500) certification.

Do we have multiple choice questions in the CCA Administrator (CCA-131) certification exam?

No. the Cloudera Certified Associate Administrator certification exam does not comprise of the multiple choice questions. You will be given 8-12 performance-based tasks to check hands-on skills. You are required to perform these tasks on the pre-configured Cloudera cluster.

How to register for CCA Administrator certification exam?

Below are the steps to register for the CCA Administrator certification exam:

  • Create an account at It is mandatory to use the exact same email address to register on
  • Select the exam from the drop-down list that you have purchased.
  • Choose a date and time to schedule the exam. Scheduling an exam for minimum 24 hours in advance is allowed.
  • Choose a time slot from the available ones for your exam.
  • Pass the compatibility tool and then install the chrome extension (for screen sharing) to complete the registration process.

What is the duration of CCA Administrator certification exam?

The duration of CCA Administrator exam is 2 hours (120 minutes)


Topic Description Video Duration
1. Introduction to Big Data, Hadoop and Cloudera a) Big data # Definition, Examples, Characteristics & Hurdles
b) Apache Hadoop # Definition, Ecosystem Components, Versions &
DistributionsSpark Core Programming and SparkSQL Programming on Scala
c) Cloudera # Definition, Cloudera Manager, Components & Architecture
19 mins 46s
2. Using Oracle Virtual Box a) Setup Linux VM
b) Connecting via SSH
c) Transferring Files
19mins 34s
3. Using Cloudera Quick-Start VM a) Introduction to Cloudera Quick-Start VM
b) Exploring Cloudera Manager
20mins 30s
4. Cloudera Hadoop Installation a) Installing Cloudera Manager
b) Preparing Node for Hadoop
c) Hadoop Installation using Cloudera Manager
5. Working with HDFS a) Introduction to HDFS
b) HDFS Commands
c) HDFS Web UI
23mins 08s
6. Working with YARN a) Introduction to YARN
b) Exploring YARN
c) Spark Integration with YARN
24mins 51s
7. Installing Sqoop a) Introduction to Sqoop
b) Installing Sqoop Services using Cloudera Manager
13mins 31s
8. Ingesting Data Using Sqoop a) Importing Data Using Sqoop
b) Exporting Data Using Sqoop
c) Sqoop Best Practices
16mins 49s
9. Working with Hive a) Introduction to Hive
b) Working with Hive
18mins 30s
10. Using with Pig and Impala a) Working with Pig
b) Working with Impala
23mins 20s
11. Flume & Hadoop REST Services a) Working with Apache Flume
b) Exploring with Hadoop REST services
23mins 17s
12. Managing YARN Resources – Part 1 a) YARN Memory & CPU Settings
b) Working with Fair Scheduler
16mins 52s
13. Managing YARN Resources – Part 12 a) Dynamic Resource Pools
b) Configuring Control Groups
13mins 23s
14. Cloudera Manager Features a) Exploring Cloudera Manager Features
b) Configuring Services, Logs, Ports etc.
16mins 47s
15. Cluster Maintenance Operations a) Exploring Cloudera Cluster Maintenance
b) HDFS Operations using Cloudera Manager
26mins 39s
16. Planning a Hadoop Cluster a) Planning Considerations
b) Working with Hosts
c) Creating & Managing Users
21mins 41s
17. Integrating Kerberos with Hadoop a) Introduction to Kerberos
b) Enable Hadoop Kerberos authentication
22mins 06s
18. Advanced Cluster Management – Part 1 a) Cloudera Manager Health Tests
b) Cluster Backup & Recovery
19mins 37s
19. Advanced Cluster Management – Part 2 a) High Availability for components
b) Working with Hadoop HDFS with HttpFS
24mins 07s
20. Advanced Cluster Management – Part 3 a) Password-less SSH
b) Local Repositories
c) Data Encryption
24mins 28s


Who should take CCA Administrator online course?

Big data has gained a lot of popularity throughout the industry. In turn, it has brought the job opportunities in the Big data domain. Thus, it becomes essential to learn Big Data for every professional if they want to get more relevant to their job profile. So, the professionals working in the following areas can go for the CCA Admin online course:

  • Data Scientists
  • Technical Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Testing professionals
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • Project/Program Managers
  • Data Analytic Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Students looking to start a career in Big Data

What are the prerequisites to take CCA Administrator training course?

There is no pre-requisite to take this CCA Administrator training course. Anyone who has some knowledge and background in System administration and interested to build a career in Big Data Technologies can go for this training course.