Case Studies: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Apple


Learn From the Business Successes & Failures of Top Tech Companies

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 365 days



This course gets straight to business (quite literally), outlining the hows and whys of top tech companies’ successes and failures. Dive into 4 in-depth case studies of tech titans Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, gaining insight as to each company’s business model, finances, and more. You’ll walk away with valuable insights you can apply to your own company to optimize for its long-term success.


What’s Inside

  • Dive into case studies on the successes & failures of top tech companies w/ 4 hours of content
  • Walk through in-depth analyses of featured companies’ business models, financial statements, investor filings, product choices & competitive analyses
  • See how Apple has iterated upon its product offerings to great financial effect
  • Understand how & why Twitter struggles to monetize its content
  • Learn how Facebook has turned its massive user base into a revenue generating machine
  • Apply these insights to your own business endeavors



Experience level required: all levels