From 0 to 1 : The Cassandra Distributed Database


Learn the Cassandra Distributed Database & Greatly Improve Your Big Data Resume

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 365 days



Data sets can outgrow traditional databases, much like children outgrow clothes. Unlike, children’s growth patterns, however, massive amounts of data can be extremely unpredictable and unstructured. For Big Data, the Cassandra distributed database is the solution, using partitioning and replication to ensure that your data is structured and available even when nodes in a cluster go down. Children, you’re on your own.


What’s Inside

  • Access 44 lectures & 5.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Set up & manage a cluster using the Cassandra Cluster Manager (CCM)
  • Create keyspaces, column families, & perform CRUD operations using the Cassandra Query Language (CQL)
  • Design primary keys & secondary indexes, & learn partitioning & clustering keys
  • Understand restrictions on queries based on primary & secondary key design
  • Discover tunable consistency using quorum & local quorum
  • Learn architecture & storage components: Commit Log, MemTable, SSTables, Bloom Filters, Index File, Summary File & Data File
  • Build a Miniature Catalog Management System using the Cassandra Java driver



There is no pre-requisite to take this training course. Anyone who is interested to build a career in Big Data Technologies can go for this training course, but some knowledge of SQL, Hadoop, and MapReduce is assumed