Learn By Example: Hadoop & MapReduce for Big Data Problems


Discover Mass Data Processing Methods by Using the Leading Data Frameworks

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 365 days



Big Data sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it? Well, this course aims to make it a lot simpler for you. Using Hadoop and MapReduce, you’ll learn how to process and manage enormous amounts of data efficiently. Any company that collects mass amounts of data, from startups to Fortune 500, need people fluent in Hadoop and MapReduce, making this course a must for anybody interested in data science.


What’s Inside

  • Access 71 lectures & 13 hours of content 24/7
  • Set up your own Hadoop cluster using virtual machines (VMs) & the Cloud
  • Understand HDFS, MapReduce & YARN & their interaction
  • Use MapReduce to recommend friends in a social network, build search engines & generate bigrams
  • Chain multiple MapReduce jobs together
  • Write your own customized partitioner
  • Learn to globally sort a large amount of data by sampling input files


  • Run a MapReduce Job

  • Juicing your MapReduce – Combiners, Shuffle and Sort and The Streaming API

  • HDFS and Yarn

  • Setting up a Hadoop Cluster


There is no pre-requisite to take this training course. Anyone who is interested to build a career in Big Data Technologies can go for this training course.