Pig for Wrangling Big Data


Become a Well-Paid Data Handler by Learning to Load, Transform & Extract Data Using Pig

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 365 days



Think about the last time you saw a completely unorganized spreadsheet. Now imagine that spreadsheet was 100,000 times larger. Mind-boggling, right? That’s why there’s Pig. Pig works with unstructured data to wrestle it into a more palatable form that can be stored in a data warehouse for reporting and analysis. With the massive sets of disorganized data many companies are working with today, people who can work with Pig are in major demand. By the end of this course, you could qualify as one of those people.


What’s Inside

  • Access 34 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Clean up server logs using Pig
  • Work w/ unstructured data to extract information, transform it, & store it in a usable form
  • Write intermediate level Pig scripts to munge data
  • Optimize Pig operations to work on large data sets




There is no pre-requisite to take this training course. Anyone who is interested to build a career in Big Data Technologies can go for this training course, but some knowledge of SQL, Hadoop, and MapReduce is assumed.