Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things


Use This Handy Microprocessor to Configure & Execute Home Automatron Projects

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 365 days



Remember those sci-fi movies about smart homes with remotely controlled lights and sensors? Those flicks aren’t so far-fetched anymore, because the future is here, and its name is Raspberry Pi. Understand how to tinker with this microcomputer’s physical parts, and master the Python programming required to complete home automation projects such as flashing LEDs and remote-controlled sensors.


What’s Inside

  • Master physical computing using Raspberry Pi w/ over 6 hours of content
  • Understand what the Internet of Things is & how the Raspberry Pi fits into it
  • Tinker w/ the Raspberry Pi’s physical components
  • Navigate the Raspbian OS, write Linux Shell commands, connect your Pi to Internet, etc.
  • Code w/ Python using lists, loops, functions, etc.
  • Design a circuit & program it to communicate w/ other devices
  • Complete home automation projects: flash an LED, build a sensor, etc.



Experience level required: all levels