The CAPM qualification is aimed at those individuals operating as a member of a project team e.g. subject matter expert, task owner, co-ordinator etc.

Mode Of Learning: Online

Access Duration: 180 days



The CAPM qualification is aimed at those individuals operating as a member of a project team e.g. subject matter expert, task owner, co-ordinator etc. The qualification demonstrates that the candidate has a working knowledge of the processes and terminology as laid out in the PMI’s “Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”Mode Of Learning: Online


What’s Inside

  • 23 Contact Hours/ PDU® – Approved for CAPM® certification exam
  • 487 mins of Training Videos for all objectives (100% syllabus covered)
  • 5 Full length mock exams (750 unique questions)
  • Objective based practice tests
  • Exhaustive explanation with every question
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Revision notes
  • Reports to assess strengths & weaknesses
  • Unlimited Access

Exam Pattern

The CAPM Exam Comprises of 150 multiple choice questions. Out of these 150 questions 15 are considered as pretest questions. It means when you appear for the exam you will be asked to answer all the 150 questions but your final score will depend upon 135 correct answers. The pretest questions result will not be carried to your final score. The time allowed to complete the exam is 3 hours.

Take a quick look on the draft on the percentage of questions you can expect to see in the exam from each chapter :

PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition Chapter Percentage of Questions:

 Chapter  Percentage of questions
  3rd Chapter   15%
  4th Chapter   12%
  5th Chapter   11%
  6th Chapter   12%
  7th  Chapter    7%
  8th  Chapter    6%
  9th  Chapter    8%
  10th  Chapter    6%
  11th  Chapter    9%
  12th  Chapter    7%
  13 th  Chapter    7%
  TOTAL    100%


  1. Introduction

About PMI and PMP exam

Exam-Taking Tip

Course Overview

Process Chart

  1. Project Management Framework

What is a project?

Project Stakeholders

Organizational Structure

Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Life Cycle

  1. Project Integration Management

Overview of Project Integration

Develop Project Charter

Develop Project Management Plan

Direct and Manage Project Work

Monitor and Control Project Work

Perform Integrated Change Control

Close Project or Phase

  1. Project Scope Management

Overview of Project Scope Management

Plan Scope Management

Collect Requirements

Define Scope

Create WBS

Validate Scope

Control Scope

  1. Project Time Management

Overview of Project Time Management

Plan Schedule Management

Define Activities

Sequence Activities

Estimate Activity Resources

Estimating Activity Durations

Develop Schedule

Control Schedule

  1. Project Cost Management

Overview of Project Cost Management

Plan Cost Management

Estimate Costs

Determine Budget

Control Costs

  1. Project Quality Management

Overview of Project Quality Management

Plan Quality Management

Perform Quality Assurance

Control Quality

  1. Project Human Resource Management

Overview of Project Human Resource Management

Plan HR Management

Acquire Project Team

Develop Project Team

Manage Project Team

  1. Project Communication Management

Overview of Project Communication Management

Plan Communications Management

Manage Communications

Control Communications

Course Outline

Preparing for the CAPM® Exam

Delivery Method : Classroom

Code : CAPM

Duration : 4 Days

  1. Project Risk Management

Overview of Project Risk Management

Plan Risk Management

Identify Risks

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

Plan Risk Responses

Control Risks

  1. Project Procurement Management

Overview of Project Procurement Management

Plan Procurement Management

Conduct Procurements

Control Procurements

Close Procurements

  1. Project Stakeholder Management

Overview of Project Stakeholder Management

Identify Stakeholders

Plan Stakeholder Management

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Control Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Review & Final Evaluation Test

Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters

Final Test Questions

End of Course Questions


No Prior experience is required to appear for the CAPM exam. Elementary knowledge in project management is appreciated