Top 5 Reasons as to why you can’t stay away from Hadoop

It is possible today for organizations to store all the data generated by their business at an affordable price-all thanks to Hadoop, the Sirius star in the cluster of million stars. With Hadoop, even the impossible things look so trivial. With the use of Hadoop, increased number of organizations are able to effectively use their marketing dollars, find out about customer buying and click patterns, provide personalized recommendations, personalize ad targeting, etc.

1) Hadoop brings in better career opportunities in 2015

Career opportunities for Hadoop professionals are emerging across various business industries, from financial firms to retailers, healthcare, agriculture, sports, energy, utilite and media.

Having completed certified Hadoop training, a candidate is eligible to apply for a host of job positions such as Hadoop Developer, Big data architect, Data Analysts, Hadoop Administrator, and Data Scientist.

Hadoop is the much-loved distributed computing technology with smaller enterprises looking to leverage analytics to draw valuable big data insights. This implies that several employers will consider knowledge and expertise of Hadoop as an automatic entry ticket to enter into the big data payroll.

2)Hadoop is Powerful and Versatile

Hadoop is easily able to store and process huge amounts of data. Its sheer horsepower and capability have impressed many.

Although Hadoop is used for warehousing data, it’s also used for predictive analytics, data discovery and ETL.

3) Learn Hadoop to pace up with the exponentially growing Big Data Market

Apache Hadoop permits the storage and processing of huge volumes of data with economical commodity hardware. Digital data is leaving its footprints everywhere and thus it is extremely necessary to learn how to store the high velocity, high volume and high variety of data quickly and easily at a relatively economical cost.

The big data paradigm has shifted with advancements in worldwide connectivity and cloud computing. Organizations can now pay only for the processing power as and when they need and buy exactly the amount of storage they require.Managing big data in the era of distributed computing is posing several challenges and Hadoop is one of the best and most important big data analytics tools to coming along as a boon to the challenges.

 4) Hadoop pays well and has a healthy future

Hadoop professionals can find work as Hadoop Architects, Hadoop Developers, Data Scientists or Hadoop Administrators. It is one of the most sought-after skills in the Big Data market, and certified Hadoop developers can expect to take home nice paychecks.

5) Learn Hadoop to pace up with the increased adoption of Hadoop by Big data companies

It is said that “ Hadoop is a must-have for large enterprises, forming the cornerstone of any flexible future data platform needed in the age of the customer . Hadoop is becoming more than just a data platform. Given its economics, performance and flexibility Hadoop will become an essential piece of every company’s business technology (BT) agenda.”

The level of big data adoption is accelerating among the Fortune 1000 corporations. Here is the state of big data adoption across various organizations –

12% of big data initiatives are under consideration

17% of big data initiatives are underway

67% of big data in production

The accelerating growth of big data is not just creating more room for business opportunity but also creating huge demand for Hadoop professionals with high salary bracket increasing exponentially.



It is possible today for organizations to store all the data generated by their business at an affordable price-all thanks to Hadoop, the Sirius star in the cluster of ...
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