Top 5 Tools to Simplify Social Video Analytics

We throw around a lot of impressive video statistics. For example, video helped Rypple increase conversions by 20% and an audience will remember 68% more from watching a video than reading plain text. But how can you be sure those stats will ring true for you and your business? Well, comprehensive video analytics can help.

Before we get to some of our favourite analytical tools, note that split testing is one of the easiest ways to generate analytics. All you have to do is record your baseline metrics using your current analytical tools, add the video to your website and then record the metrics again a week later. If there’s a large spike in sales, page views, signups or whatever else you might measure your success by, you know video is working for you!

Still, that method will really only give you an overview of how your video is performing. These five video analytics tools will show you even the smallest details.


With Ooyala’s recent announcement that they will be focusing on content discovery and analytics, there’s no denying that they’re a great option. Having received over $40 million in funding to date, it goes without saying that their processes are a success.

Ooyala has committed to providing asset performance, social sharing, video engagement and custom analytics. Still, Ooyala is not right for every business. They’re ideal for large video launches with mass appeal.

Tubular Labs

Starting off this list with ‘Tubular Intelligence’ this tool allows you to see who is doing what best.

In other words, learn from your competitors market strategies in order to enhance your own! Their Creator Intelligence dashboard is a marketeers playground, highlighting the creators making digital waves, the influencers to watch out for and maybe hire for your brand.

This tool allows you mainly to discover who is hot and is ideal for influencer marketing.


The best thing about CrowdTangle is Social Referrals.

Think of it as PR monitoring for your social videos, alerting you whenever someone posts links to your videos or says anything about the story you published.

Their Dashboard is a hootsuite meets Facebook news feed, sadly featuring less video content than all the other tools.

One of the most useful features for those who don’t have time to check in the app every day is their customized alerts, allowing you to only check the notifications that matter right now to you.

And if you’re laptop screen is super cool with a distinctive resolution, they’ve got Big Screen Visualization to make sure you’re seeing what everyone else is?


Vidyard is an expert business video hosting and analytics provider. Companies like Ernst & Young and Unbounce have entrusted their video analytics to Vidyard. With a stunning custom video player and real-time analytics (we’re talking second by second), Vidyard is perfect for anyone looking for a custom solution. Some key metrics include views, average attention span, minutes watched and most popular region. You can check out a live demo here.

Google Analytics

Yet another industry leader has made its way to the list. Google Analytics, with some fine-tuning, can be used to provide video analytics as well. One of the easiest ways to track video analytics is using the Event Tracking feature. Simply select “Video” as the category, select the action you want to analyze (play, pause, stop, finished) and add a name for the label.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, it gets a bit more complicated. Depending on how you host your video, you’ll need to add some extra code to your website. For example, tracking YouTube videos and tracking flash videos.

We throw around a lot of impressive video statistics. For example, video helped Rypple increase conversions by 20% and an audience will remember 68% more from watching a video ...
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