Top Trending Instagram Marketing Strategies to Look out for in 2018

This year is shaping up to be both the year of creating more content, thanks to Instagram Stories, but it will also be the year of optimizing your content performance and looking to paid advertising to increase your reach on Instagram.

There are two factors that make Instagram a marketing channel that CMOs cannot afford to ignore. First, the average consumer is active on Instagram daily — it’s where the attention can be found. Second, Instagram uses Facebook’s advertising features, giving brands the most extensive targeting options available.

#1. Boosting Instagram Posts Will Become Normal for Everyone in 2018

Promoting Instagram posts is similar to boosting Facebook posts, you just create a regular Instagram post, and then once it’s posted you can choose to promote it to get more likes, impressions, and “profile visits.” Your Instagram post then appears in the feed like normal, the only difference being the “sponsored” notation at the top and the call-to-action button

#2. Posting More Video Content

Having the ability to produce high quality video on the go is very convenient, especially for those that want to use a personal brand to market a business. “Posting video content allows you to create a very personal message and deliver it in a way that outperforms an image and text-based post. Consumers want to connect with a person — not a faceless company.

#3. Instagram’s Shopping feature changes the retail game in 2018

Instagram’s shopping feature let’s Shopify users tag their products in each photo, listing the item’s name and price right in the photo. Users can then click through to purchase the item right in Instagram, without having to leave the app.

#4. Leverage Instagram Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

When you combine the right offer with a perfectly-matched promoter, influencer marketing can be one of the most effective strategies a brand can use to drive sales and awareness. There are two options — seek out influencers for short-term promotion campaigns, or create a brand ambassador program to create enthusiastic brand promoters. Budget conscious brands can also benefit from brand ambassador program,  as many micro-influencers will gladly promote in exchange for product rather than per-post monetary compensation. Brands with high margins can really benefit from product-based compensation agreements.

#5. Your Instagram Profile will become your new home page in 2018

Just like you spent time crafting the photos and copy on your website, the same intention needs to be applied to your Instagram feed.

Creating your own Instagram aesthetic and planning your feed so that it goes together as a whole is super important for growing your account, and it’s going to become an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy in 2018


This year is shaping up to be both the year of creating more content, thanks to Instagram Stories, but it will also be the year of optimizing your content ...
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